Life Is Strange: True Colors Jumps To 60 FPS

Just In Time

Life Is Strange: True Colors is the latest installment in the supernatural teen drama anthology, and the first to be released since original developers Dontnod parted ways with the franchise. After working on a prequel to the first game, Before The Storm, Deck Nine Games have now taken the reins of the series for the foreseeable future. True Colors was good – maybe the best Life Is Strange game so far – but it wasn’t without its difficulties. Following the release of True Colors’ first DLC, the devs have fixed a few of the biggest complaints that fans had about the game – including its FPS cap.

Life Is Strange: True Colors

On launch, Life Is Strange: True Colors was capped at 30 FPS on next-gen consoles, despite the fact that it’s.. well, not the most graphically intensive game out there these days. Deck Nine explained the cap: “Regarding framerate: Life is Strange: True Colors was designed to be a cinematic, performance-driven narrative adventure. Capping at 30fps allowed us to target higher cinematic fidelity on every platform.“.

Not only is a high performance mode being added to the Xbox Series X and PS5 editions of the game, finally unlocking 60 FPS play, but plenty of issues with the recent DLC launch are being addressed. In their fourth launch update, Deck Nine addressed the issues currently being worked on: “While wholly not ideal, we were happy to see that most PlayStation owners were able to download and play the content within the first 24 hours of launch after experiencing some initial difficulty. We are currently investigating the Stadia entitlement issues reported, and apologize for the delay in accessing this content.
Life Is Strange: True Colors DLC

Life Is Strange: True Colors is available right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Google Stadia, with a Nintendo Switch launch coming soon – and if you’ve already played it and want to spend a little more time with the people of Haven Springs, you can also check out the Wavelengths DLC episode!