Life Is Strange: True Colors Video Review – Shining Through

Life Is Strange: True Colors Video Review

The newest installment of the Life Is Strange series is here. True Colors has a brand new heroine, Alex Chen starting a new chapter in her life in a small town called Haven Springs. Alex uses her empathic abilities to connect with Haven Springs’ residents and solve the mystery before her.

Like the previous titles in the series, Life Is Strange: True Colors is not an action-oriented game full of fighting and exploring. It has a story to tell and you are going to want to rush. You can navigate the world and interact with objects and people, and reflect on things you find, mostly at your own pace. Though the game reminds you what your current objective is… maybe too much.

Life Is Strange: True Colors

The world-building that Deck Nine has done and the connections to the characters is where True Colors shines. It captures one of the hallmark Life Is Strange elements, where you really care about the relationship between the main character and the NPCs; you want to make sure they are treated right.

The soundtrack to True Colors is also worth highlighting. Either as the ambient backdrop of Alex exploring Haven Springs or taking the focus in tender scenes, the mix of original and licensed music is perfect. Alex even gives us her own performance of Radiohead’s classic track Creep, which expertly captures how she feels as a super-powered young woman trying to fit in in this world. She spends her whole adventure caught up in the emotions of others, but we need to catch up with how our girl is doing.

While there are some bugs found here and there, Life Is Strange: True Colors is otherwise a perfect way to escape the problems and stresses of your everyday life by immersing yourself in the problems and stresses of a digital one.

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