Tips to Improve Your Movement in PC FPS Games

Winning in a first-person shooter game is all about shooting. While this has a lot to do with how good your aim is, it also has a lot to do with your mobility skills. Furthermore, your aiming skills also depend on how well you can move.

If you’ve ever watched pro players during an FPS match, you’ll marvel at the speed and dexterity with which they move around the map. Well, this isn’t far-fetched as we’ll show you how to play like them in the following tips. Lastly, equip yourself with hacks from against those moments when the battle is at its toughest.

5 tips to get better mobility in FPS games on PC

1.    Warm up your fingers before games

Warmth is a very important part of our everyday human lives, and the same applies to those gaming sessions. It also reduces the time between when your body receives a signal from the brain to execute an action and when the body executes the action.

Common gaming exercises include flexing your fingers individually, rolling your wrists, and thumb-tip flexing. You can also warm up before online games by playing against bots for about 10 minutes before the actual game. Thankfully, most games have campaign modes that can help you with a better experience.

2.    Top-tier equipment can help you too.

The climb up the improvement ladder could actually be simpler than it seems. Your performance and rate of improvement have a lot to do with the kind of gaming gear you’re using. You might be able to execute some movement techniques professionals are making if you had gear as good as theirs.

This may incur some investment as gaming equipment can be quite pricey. A good gaming mouse or keyboard provides additional comfort and allowances that compensate for the long hours you’ll likely be using them. You’ll also be able to make instant movements.

3.    Spend some time practicing

Everything that has to do with improvement, irrespective of the field, still boils down to practice. Practice helps you gain experience and also develop the muscle memory required to make movements more on impulse than deliberately.

More importantly, practice hours help you improve your VRT (Visual Reaction Time). More so, applying varying solutions to different recurring issues and exposing yourself to different gaming environments helps create room for improvisations where necessary.

4.    There’s a lot more to learn from professionals.

Many gamers spend hours watching professionals stream their live gaming sessions on Twitch and similar platforms. But sadly, they spend all this time just having fun or looking at the exotic weapons pros unlock and how they move about killing opponents.

Some noteworthy things you should look out for are how they tweak their settings, their aiming and positioning strategies, and most importantly, their movement tactics. Prolonged understudy and applying what you learn during such sessions will improve your movement techniques so that you can naturally play like the pros.

5.    Mastering mobility keys can help you.

There are directional movement keys in any FPS game you’re playing. In addition, there could be other keys depending on which game you’re playing. Some common additional keys you’ll encounter are sprinting, crouching, sliding, jumping, and so on. Mastering different directional movement keys are important.

Moreover, knowing how to combine your directional keys with some of the additional keys we mentioned above is fundamental. In addition to making movements with increased precision, you can apply additional dynamics, making you more evasive. In addition, mastery of this makes you more unpredictable, which is highly instrumental to winning.


Movement is everything in first-person shooter games. As such, you’ll have to improve on it if you want positive results in the overall outcome of your games. An important addition outside your performance is spending money on gaming-specific gear and equipment such as mice and keyboards.

Also, we recommend using a good set of 3D headphones as they also hint at what direction sound is coming from. Lastly, spend time watching professionals during gaming sessions and try to incorporate what you learn in your practice and online gaming sessions.