ArenaNet Previews Guild Wars 2’s Upcoming Update and Summer Plans

ArenaNet Previews Guild Wars 2’s Upcoming Update and Summer Plans

ArenaNet released Guild Wars 2 as the successor to the premium fantasy MMORPG, Guild Wars. Since its release, the developers have made the game free to play and released a ton of content, including three expansions. The most recent expansion, End of Dragons, released in 2022. Today, ArenaNet has released a blog providing details on the July Update as well as its Summer Roadmap for the game.

guild wars 2: end of dragons shing jea island

Players will be able to access Living World Season 1 for free from July 19th. Furthermore, on July 19th, the developers will be making changes to the World Bosses. The bosses will be changed by adding skill telegraphs, defiance bars, better mechanics and more. Additionally, the team will stabilize fractal instabilities by rewarding players and reducing any frustrating difficulty spikes.

Besides the major update on July 19th, fans of the game can look forward to more content in August and September. On August 2nd, the developers will receive a balance update while on August 23rd, fans can look forward to surprises for the game’s tenth anniversary. On September 13th, the team will release the Living World Season 1 Episode 4, which offers a ton of new content for players to explore.

In closing, ArenaNet expressed its gratitude to the fanbase and specifically congratulated Snow Crow, a competitive guild that completed the Harvest Temple Strike Mission. The raid was one of the most difficult in Guild Wars 2 history and it was a great achievement for the raiders.

What are your thoughts on Guild Wars 2? Are you a fan of the game? Have you tried the latest expansion? What are your thoughts on the upcoming update and content? Are you excited for any plans on the Summer Roadmap? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.