Top 10 Mobile Strategy Games You Should Play Right Now

While older gamers are traditionally more into PC or console gaming, the new generation is all about gaming on the go. Mobile gaming is an incredibly fast-growing sector, and the current predictions are that by the end of this year, more than half of all gamers in the US will be mobile gamers (as well as other formats). The great thing about mobile gaming is that these days, games are optimized and developed specifically for a mobile format; no more glitchy titles that were cobbled together from PC releases and no more grainy graphics. Mobile gaming holds its own in the gaming world whether you’re playing mobile blackjack, horror games or one of the most popular game genres out there: strategy games.

Whether you play on PC, console, or mobile, strategy games are some of the most exciting titles out there. You’ll need to keep all your wits about you as you plan and strategize to stay ahead of the game. Plan campaigns that will help you win the battle or the kingdom, build bases that will keep you safe from attackers, or plot your route across zombie-riddled lands. Thinking ahead and planning carefully are the name of the game in any strategy title. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, these are the top-rated strategy games that you should have lined up to play today.

Image by Afif Kusuma via Unsplash

  1. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires, like many strategy games, has a few aspects of strategy play all blended together in one title. Your character in Forge is an empire builder; you must make intelligent moves to build a dynasty that will grow and expand as the “years” pass by. You need to go to war with other nations to maintain the upper hand and keep your people safe.

  1. Bad North

The minimal design in Bad North is one of the most unique and attractive aspects of the game. Typically, survival and strategy games are overly illustrated, but Bad North stands out from the crowd. You’re a Viking who must defend their stronghold from any invaders. You travel around the map collecting resources and holding off the pursuing hordes. You must balance risk and reward to win the day.

  1. Subterfuge

If you like instant gratification, choose another title. For those who like the long game, Subterfuge is the perfect choice. Forming alliances, dealing with betrayals, waging war; this game has it all. This RTS game takes cunning and wit, and it’s played out on a very grand scale for a mobile game. The ground beneath your feet is never solid, so you have to keep moving to stay alive.

Image by Eric McLean via Unsplash

  1. Iron Marines

Similar to Starcraft in nature, Iron Marines is about a bunch of hard-living, meticulously trained marines who are tasked with keeping enemy forces at bay, putting out literal and metaphorical fires, and the usual marine mayhem. You’ll need to fortify your base against attacks and manage the details well to avoid everything falling apart. The sense of tension in the game is masterfully built, making it a powerhouse in the strategy game world.

  1. Fallout Shelter

A fun game about a not-so-fun moment in time, Fallout Shelter was initially released as an announcement for the full version of Fallout 4. Though it was initially dropped without warning, Bethesda has built it up into its own simulation strategy title. The game locations are fun and bright, though they’re a bomb shelter meant to keep you safe from nuclear fallout. You must oversee the shelter and keep the survivors working as a team, venturing out and collecting resources when you can.

  1. Clash of Clans

Even non-gamers have heard of this title. Often imitated but never duplicated, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy games in the history of the genre. Build a safe and prosperous city, defend it with battalions of soldiers and form alliances with wizards who can help you along your way. This is a great game to try in multiplayer mode.

  1. Darkest Dungeon

This is hardly a new title, but it’s still a firm favorite. This dungeon crawler is one of the best on the market, no matter what the format. The art and design of the game are both so vivid and enticing that it’s hard to step away. The host of horrors that await you within the Darkest Dungeon are HP Lovecraft creations; you must make it through all the dungeons in the manner and survive to tell the tale. Grisly and insane ends await you if you stray from the path.

Image by Ariel Domenden via Unsplash

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

It’s time for tactics in War of the Lions. You’ll be drawn into the narrative in no time and find yourself deeply invested in this strategic title before you know what’s hit you. The map and the game content are a little at odds, but that’s only one of the things that make this title interesting and unique in a world of copycats.

  1. Company of Heroes

The dust and blood of World War 2 will overcome you if you aren’t on your game in Company of Heroes. The adaptation from touch to mouse interface or vice versa usually takes a little agility away from the game, but Company of Heroes has been masterfully tailored, and the action is smooth and nonstop.

  1. Plague Inc

Instead of defending against a deadly pathogen, you must create one in Plague Inc. You’re the villain of this piece,  and your main aim is to spread your deadly virus far and wide and permanently change the world as we know it. The simulation in this title is pretty realistic, and there’s a lot of careful planning necessary to pull off your nefarious goals, so you have to think ahead.

Wrap Up

Try out some of these titles next time you’re ready to start a new game.