Conquer With Fear As The Fabulous Fear Machine Heads To PC In 2022

Conquer Through Fear As The Fabulous Fear Machine Heads To PC In 2022

AMC Networks Inc. is a global entertainment company that is involved in the production and distribution of premium content, and its in-house studio has created great projects including The Walking Dead. Shudder is AMC Network’s premium live streaming service. Fictiorama Studios is an independent studio in Madrid that creates narrative-driven titles and previously developed Do Not Feed The Monkeys, an award winning game released in 2018. AMC Games has announced Fabulous Fear Machine, a narrative-driven strategy game for PC developed by Fictiorama Studios will release in Spring 2022.

Fabulous Fear Machine is a single-player real time strategy game where players must generate fear and use that fear as the Master of The Machine. The game’s features include growing Legends through fear, strategizing and making the right choices to defeat enemies and learning the stories of different Masters around the world. Players must also be wary of threats who intend to have their own stories told.

Clayton Neuman, Vice President for AMC Games, stated, “AMC Games’ next title brings us back to our horror roots… The Fabulous Fear Machine is the ultimate manifestation of why we tell scary stories. It explores the tales we all grew up hearing as kids, and the thrill we get from sharing them with others. We’re so excited to be partnering with the award-winning developers at Fictiorama and our colleagues and Shudder to deliver for players the power of urban legends… that they may spread and continue to scare the bejeezus out of us all.”

A representative of Fictiorama noted, “Just how deeply are we all influenced by these fables? In The Fabulous Fear Machine, we answer that question by turning scary stories into strategic tools… and then we place them in the hands of players.”

Players can add The Fabulous Fear Machine to their Steam wishlist here.

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SOURCE: Press Release