Volcanoids Is Adding Support for Steam Mods in New Update

Volcano Action Now Modded

Volcanoids will be adding support for Steam Workshop in its next Early Access update. This is a huge feature that I think almost every game should support as it allows users to download mods easily, and mods are one of the best parts of playing a game on PC. I don’t think I could ever play Skyrim without mods again.

To make things a little easier for the modding community, the Volcanoid team plans to make Blender asset galleries available and unlock every aspect of the game they can think of so that modders can change up drillships, guns, armor, buildings, modules, characters, decals, and more. 

Volcanoids Free Co-op Update

Here is what Volcanoids Marketing Manager, Richard Rampasolcanoids Marketing Manager, Richard Rampas, had to say on the update:

“Once the workshop is live, there will be full support for the modding community so that players have the power to create pretty much anything they want and make it part of the game. Even if it doesn’t work 100%, our goal for Steam Workshop is to make pretty much anything that can be modded available to players who want to tinker.”

This is a boon to creativity, and I’m sure the community will come up with some interesting designs. This essentially lets games add more content just by letting the fans be creative.


Mods work particularly well on these survival games. In Volcanoids, you build a drill that serves as a home and move around an island. Adding mod support will allow players to come up with new drill additions, change the appearance, or create new hazards around the island that players can choose to take part in if they like what is offered.

Volcanoids is out now on PC in Early Access.

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