Quest Design Lead for The Witcher 3 Joins Riot’s MMO Project

Possibility of Storytelling and Excellet Sidequests in Riot’s Upcoming MMO

Riot, the company known for developing League of Legends for over a decade now, has recently been branching out.  They’ve released Valorant, the competitive FPS, partnered with another studio to create the turn-based Ruined King, and have announced a new MMO based off the League of Legends universe.  In an exciting new development, the quest design lead, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz,  for the CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 3 has joined Riot’s MMO project.

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In a tweet today, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz confirmed: “Big career update – I spent last few months meeting and talking to a number of great people and Teams, and now I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be joining @riotgames on their upcoming MMO project. I’m excited and looking forward to this new challenge, stay tuned!”  As Witcher 3 was well known for its exceptionally well created quests and storytelling, this is a good sign for the storytelling and sidequest quality of the Riot MMO.  As Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz previously worked for CD Projekt RED, he held the positions of a quest designer for the Witcher 2, game director for Thronebreaker, and quests director for Cyberpunk – in addition to his quest design lead position for Witcher 3.

There have not been too many details revealed about Riot’s MMO project, but it has the unofficial title of “World of Runeterra,” since going to the website will lead you to the job recruiting website for the game.  In addition to the MMO, Riot is also working on a fighting game behind the scenes based on their League universe as well – after a decade, the next few years will truly be an exciting time for League fans.

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