The Good Life from SWERY Finds an October Release Date

“Debt Repayment RPG”?

SWERY has done it again. After his cult classic Deadly Premonition series has cranked out two games, The Good Life now has a release date for October. The newest trailer not only announces the release date, but shows more of the game than we have ever seen. And more than we could have ever expected from it.

Our first look at The Good Life had shown us a photography/life sim with a strange mystery as its backdrop, but the new trailer really kicks things up. The town of Rainy Woods appears to be an unassuming countryside community, but we see that the residents are all kinds of wacky.

The Good Life

Apparently, our protagonist, Naomi Hayward is in tremendous debt and her investigation into the secrets of Rainy Woods will have that debt repaid. This trip may be more than she bargained for, since she will be transforming into a dog and a cat, riding a ram around town, and all sorts of other activities, including solving a gruesome murder.

The Good Life has had a bit of a rough go in its development process. Multiple delays and publisher switches have hampered its progress, but it is finally on the horizon.

Xbox players will be happy to know that The Good Life will be hitting Xbox Game Pass on day one, so if you are unsure of it, at least you won’t have to commit to a payment beyond the subscription fee. The Good Life will be available on October 15th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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