SWERY’s The Good Life Release Expected for This Summer

SWERY, You’ve Done It Again

SWERY, best known for the Deadly Premonition games, is coming out with a new game called The Good Life. Fans have been awaiting this game for a few years, but will be happy to know that it is on the horizon. In an announcement today, SWERY and his stuffed gorilla says that The Good Life has found a publisher in Irregular Corporation. This makes the development and release process easier for him and developers White Owls Inc.. Speaking of release, The Good Life also has a release window now.

The Good Life

After SWERY’s short message, we also got another look at The Good Life. The game is about a New York photographer named Naomi Harward, visiting an English town called Rainy Woods, and everyone speaks Japanese. It seems like the most perfect place in the world, but Naomi quickly learns that something is off. In true SWERY fashion, the game gets weird. Naomi gains the ability or curse of shapeshifting. We see her running around Rainy Woods as a cat and a dog. She also gets chased by a badger.

Unfortunately, the gameplay in the trailer runs as a staggering 12 FPS. After Deadly Premonition 2’s less than impressive performance at launch, this does not bode well for The Good Life. Hopefully, White Owls Inc. can smooth out those frames in time for the game’s release. The Good Life is set to launch in Summer 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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