Marvel’s Avengers Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 30th

Marvel’s Avengers Is Heading to Xbox Game Pass 

Marvel’s Avengers will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on September 30th. Square Enix themselves made the official announcement and cited that it will be available across different consoles, PC, and the Cloud. The games Xbox Game Pass version will be the complete collection of all of the franchise’s content so far, including Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and the brand new Black Panther: War for Wakanda expansion.

Every player with an Xbox Game Pass membership can experience the full game and all our post-launch Heroes and missions,” confirmed Hunter Wolfe, the Community Coordinator at Crystal Dynamics. “This includes four story campaigns that showcase one or more Hero’s unique abilities, as well as our Avengers Initiative.”

marvels avengers xbox game pass

Fans of the Marvel’s Avengers game are well aware that the Avengers Initiative is the franchise’s “evolving online multiplayer world” that will allow the players and three of their friends to play as any in-game Hero.”

The arrival of Marvel’s Avengers on Xbox Game Pass will come just in time for the Quad XP event, which has already been scheduled to run from September 30th to October 4th, as part of the franchise’s one-year anniversary. It has become apparent that Square Enix realized the value that the subscription service can bring to this kind of game, and pushed them to add Marvel’s Avengers to the system.

It has actually been a little over a year since Marvel’s Avengers was launched to the gaming community. Since its official release, it has been met with a pattern of alternating excitement and boredom from its players, primarily due to its sporadic downloadable content releases. Fans play through the new content in a couple of hours, and then get bored once again by the end of the week. The game’s addition to the Xbox Game Pass could be the chance that the Marvel’s Avengers gaming franchise needs.

Marvel’s Avengers is an evolving game with ongoing updates that add new playable Heroes, missions, villains, campaigns, and events,” added Wolfe. “Xbox Game Pass members will get to experience all of it!