It’s Official – Alan Wake Remastered Is Coming Soon

The Unanswered Mystery Is What Stays With Us The Longest

For over a year now, rumours and mystery have surrounded the future of the Alan Wake franchise. First released all the way back in 2010, Alan Wake follows the titular character, an author, as he tries to uncover the mystery of his wife’s disappearance. Although the game has earned itself a cult following over the years, for a long time it’s looked like we would never get a follow-up to that cliffhanger ending.However, hopes for a revival of the franchise are now paying off, as Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director Sam Lake has officially announced that Alan Wake Remastered is not only in development, but almost ready to launch.

Published in partnership with the Epic Games Store, Alan Wake Remastered is already nearing completion. In the announcement, published on the Alan Wake fansite The Sudden Stop, Lake outlined just what the Remaster will entail: “Alan Wake Remastered is the original experience you fell in love with all those years ago. We did not want to change that. But the visuals all around, including the character model of Alan Wake himself and the cinematics, have been updated and improved with some choice next-generation upgrades.”

The announcement itself is, for the most part, Lake reminiscing about the community that’s built up around Alan Wake – “This is for you. Alan Wake came out over 11 years ago, and through that time, you have told us again and again how much you love the game, the story, the characters, and the lore. And that matters a lot to us. We love this game as well. I love this game. The remaster is coming because of your support for Alan Wake through the years.

Alan Wake Remastered is coming this autumn to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC through the Epic Games Store. Keep an eye out for more news on the title soon – seeing as Lake emphasizes the fact that the game will be coming to PlayStation for the first time, it seems there’s a good chance of us getting a proper look at Alan Wake Remastered at the upcoming PlayStation showcase coming on September 9th.