Halo Infinite’s Latest Public Test is Full of Hilarious Bugs

“It’s A Feature”

Wet floor signs spawning infinitely. Disappearing Grenades. Anime-esque rapid punching speeds. This, and so much more, await in the current public test of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer mode. The game has had some pretty strong reception so far, with matches feeling fast and engaging – but this is a test, after all. Bugs descending upon unsuspecting players is just a part of the fun.

You know how explosives can affect objects in the environment? It’s a nice little detail that helps with immersion. Apparently, if you chuck a Dynamo Grenade at a wet floor sign, it’ll show off the usual effect and throw the sign around… multiple times. In rapid succession. Filling the room with glorious yellow shards, and strangely enough, not impacting the game’s framerate that much? Some impressive technical feats must be happening in the background to allow this kind of chaos to grow unhindered. Aren’t game physics wonderful?

But other times, bugs can look like intentional design choices. Halo’s iconic Plasma Pistol is known for many things, including the ability to disable vehicles and player shields with a fully-charged shot. One reddit post showed a player repeatedly blasting vehicles with the Plasma Pistol, only for them to move on untouched. A Warthog rolls away without a care in the world, and a Ghost comes in to gun the player down. The whole clip evokes the tank scene from Saving Private Ryan, with the player making failed attempt after failed attempt before being dispatched.

Replies to the post are almost unanimous in their dismissal of the event as a bug – if that’s the case, hopefully it can get fixed before launch! The pistol’s EMP capabilities were an excellent addition to Halo’s sandbox, and it’d be sad to see them go.