The Game Awards Confirms December 9th Date and Live Venue

Will Include Live Orchestra Performance, Audience, Venue

After an arguably lackluster online show last year in 2020, Geoff Keighley has now confirmed that The Game Awards will take place at a live venue on December 9th this year.  The Game Award should shape up to be a highly competitive showing this year, with games like Resident Evil Village, Tales of Arise, and Life is Strange: True Colors expected to be in the nominations.  In terms of predicted award nominees, Guilty Gear -Strive- is a sure win for fighting games.  The rest of the awards are a toss-up, with heavy competition from multiple games such as Tales of Arise and Monster Hunter Rise.

the game awards 2020

Keighley confirmed in a Twitter announcement that “10 weeks from tonight, December 9th, we will be live on stage for @thegameawards at Microsoft Theater in LA.  Excited to be back to our full-scale show.”  The Microsoft Theatre is the chosen venue for The Game Awards for the past years as well as the upcoming event.

Last year, The Game Awards proved controversial as a result of the many advertisements dominating most of the show.  In fact, many of the winners didn’t even get a chance to speak, including Supergiant Games, who won the Best Indie award for the hit rogue-lite Hades from last year.  However,  a live venue, and possibly a live audience, will hopefully improve the show’s quality.  In fact, Keighley has already confirmed a crucial part of the show: “Excited to be back to our full-scale show — that means The Game Awards Orchestra live on stage once again.”  Hopefully, we will get new exciting announcements, as well as entertaining content and a much more balanced show-trailer ratio.

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