Konami’s Release of PES 2022 Kicks Off With Disastrous Launch

Free To Play Model, Limited Features, and Much More

The “PES” series has been a long-standing rival to EA’s Fifa in terms of providing a good soccer video game.  As such, it received more than a few raised eyebrows when the game was announced as free to play – which usually carries very negative connotations in terms of microtransactions and quality of the game.  Now, it has one of the worst ratings on Steam on its first day of launch.

With around 10,500 reviews on Steam, Pes 2022, now titled eFootball 2022, has an overwhelmingly negative review.  Of course, with only “9 preselected teams” available for local matches, it is not too hard to understand why there would be such a negative reaction.  In fact, some of the features on the Steam page aren’t even in the game yet – such as special challenge events where you can play AI and human opponents using special teams.  Challenge events, according to the site, “may not be available in the first few days.”

In addition, “various new modes and events are being planned for future updates.”  In addition, the free-to-play model already seems terrible – there is an additional purchase option to purchase the “Premium Player Pack” version of the base game for $40.  The pack contains in-game currency and chance deals.  If you’re wondering, chance deals are exactly what you’re thinking of – chances to pull premium players.  Finally, the game will be cross-platform with mobile.  This pretty much guarantees that the controls – although mobile players do need controllers – and general feel of the gameplay will be much simpler than previous titles.

What do you think of the botched release for eFootball 2022? What do you think of Konami for handling their latest PES release? Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.