Mario Strikers League Battle Coming This Summer

Mario Strikers League Battle Will Launch This Summer

Mario is picking up his cleats and returning to the game of soccer in Mario Strikers League Battle. It seems we are getting a little break from the Mario Tennis games for a little something different. Personally, I’m very excited for this one. Mario Strikers League Battle is launching this summer on June 10.

This Mario soccer game was just revealed in the latest Nintendo Direct that had some great announcements such as No Mans Sky coming to the Switch and the reveal of Nintendo Switch Sports.

Mario Strikers League Battle is a bit of a different take on soccer. The general idea is the same. You kick a ball around a field and try to kick it into a goal to score. The difference here is that it is 5 on 5, and there are no rules. You can use items, tackle opponents, and use special shots to get a better chance at scoring.

This soccer game will also feature gear that can augment each character’s stats and look. Similar to Mario Kart, each character has unique stats that can be further upgraded with equipment to create a character that fits your playstyle.

Mario Strikes League Battle can be played with local players or online. 8 players can play some 4 on 4 soccer. I guess the Switch can’t handle an extra two people. Either way, this does seem like a great party game to bust out and have some fun with. I’m curious as to just how stable the online will manage to be.

The Nintendo Switch has never been particularly great at online interactions. I still have some issues playing Smash Bros. Ultimate online. Hopefully, Nintendo has this figured out, and we get a smooth online experience, but I have some doubts.