Bloober Team Reveals They Are Working on New Layers of Fear Game

Adding More Layers

Bloober Team has revealed that they are working on a new Layers of Fear game. This untitled project is great news for people like me who think Layers of Fear is some of the best work Bloober Team does. Layers of Fear 1 and 2 are fantastic horror games that offer some unique and interesting thrills.

Piotr Babiebo, Bloober Team CEO, had this to say on the Layers of Fear series:

“Layers of Fear was a breakthrough project for us—it paved the path for Bloober Team and began our rapid growth, allowing us to explore more stories we’ve wanted to tell. I’m really glad we’re coming back to this world, wiser and more experienced. For me, it’s important that we make this announcement during the Tokyo Games Show, as for many of us Japan is the cradle of psychological horror games. As a studio, we also have two other projects in the works, one in production and one in pre-production.”

We are still probably quite a bit away from the new Layers of Fear. The project doesn’t even have a full title yet! The teaser trailer doesn’t give us much to go on, but just knowing Bloober Team is working on a new Layers of Fear game is great news.

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Source: Press Release