Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins Gets a Release Date

Final Fantasy Spin-off

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins March 18, 2022. Strangers of Paradise is a strange game that is a spin-off of the first Final Fantasy game, which I have no knowledge of because that game came out in 1987, and I’m not playing it. I feel like over 30 years is too late for a spin-off game.

I’m still intrigued by Strangers of Paradise because it is a souls-like with development help from Team Ninja, the devs behind the fantastic Nioh games. I’ll be able to get a feel for how good it is since a multiplayer demo is set to launch today on the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. This demo includes a new map, updates based on player feedback, and a new survey so Square Enix can make further changes based on fan feedback.

Something I truly don’t understand about the first Final Fantasy and Strangers of Paradise are the names. The protagonist is named Jack? The antagonist is Garland? I didn’t know the Cleveland Cavalier point guard was so terrible. I don’t like these names. There is nothing fantasy about these. This is like Hydlide naming the knight Jim. It is weird.

Also, as someone who is only a very casual fan of Final Fantasy, how is this game related to Final Fantasy XIV? These guys are warriors of light which is very important to Final Fantasy XIV. Is that on purpose, or are these unrelated warriors of lights?

I won’t lie; if Team Ninja weren’t working on this, I wouldn’t be too excited. I’m mostly confused, but knowing the team behind Nioh is working on this does make me a little excited. I know the combat will be thrilling and worth my time. I don’t know about anything else, but the combat is all I need.