The Forgotten City Hits Nintendo Switch Today via Cloud

Remember This Game?

The Forgotten City has an interesting history. It originated as a successful Skyrim mod also called The Forgotten City. Both have similar stories concepts, but playing the Skyrim mod will not give you any sort of edge in playing the full game.

The basic concept of the game is that the player is trapped in a time loop. The city is doomed because one of its inhabitants is about to break the Golden Rule by committing a sin. By talking to the citizens, watching how events play out, exploiting the time loop, and good old trial and error, the player will have to figure out a way to save the city.

The Forgotten City

By learning things from previous attempts, the player can unlock new dialogues with NPCs in new time loops and unlock even more options and avenues to explore. You can also gain tools such as the bow, which will turn people and objects in the environment to gold when struck.

The Forgotten City has been out since early August, but today it has just come out on Nintendo Switch. Like a small group of games ported to Nintendo Switch, The Forgotten City is a Cloud game, so a constant internet connection is require to play.

By watching the launch trailer and seeing how the game operates, you can see the roots of the game as a Skyrim mod. The way the bow fires and interactions with NPCs have a Skyrim/Fallout feeling to them. The Forgotten City is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Have you tried the Skyrim mod or will you try out the full game? Let us know in the comments below.