Born of Bread Gets a New Demo on the Nintendo Switch

Become the Hero This Land Kneads

This news came straight out of the oven! The indie developer WildArts and publisher Dear Villagers have released a demo for Born of Bread on Switch in the Americas. The game will fully launch on 5th December on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. Moreover, a demo version is already available on the Switch in Europe and all the other platforms, so, go ahead an give it a shot.

Born of Bread

Born of Bread is a 2.5D retro turn-based role-playing adventure game. It is a throwback to the classic cartoony RPGs that are full of charming characters and wonderful stories. The land is overrun by beings from another age and their mischievous nature is causing a dire threat to everyone.

You will play as Loaf, a golem born of bread, and embark on an epic journey with newfound buddies. Explore the different regions of a wonderful world filled with mysteries and battle against menacing and weird baddies. The game features a turn-based combat system with a unique twist. It has a fun interaction system that will put your reflexes to the test. It also has a weakness and resistance system that makes the fights more strategic.

You will meet incredible locals and fascinating characters during your adventure. Each of them has their own abilities and personalities. They will assist you with their unique skills in both fighting and exploring.

The awesome part is that you have a dragon buddy named Dub. He is responsible for saving your progression and streaming your fights to a fake audience with his tiny laptop. You must gather views and fulfill their demands to get awesome rewards.