Sanabi Swings Out of Early Access to PC and Switch

Scale and Save A City 

Sometimes you gotta get swinging to stop an oligarchy that is ruining an entire mega-city. No webs here though. Only the cold metal of a prosthetic chain arm. Today,  NEOWIZ and indie developer Wonder Potion are happy to announce that their platforming adventure game, Sanabi is out now on Steam and Switch. Allowing players to battle through the city with unique mobility-based combat, the game focuses on a combination of fast-paced gameplay and platforming action. Importantly, players can check out the new launch trailer for a look at exactly how it’s done.  


Sanabi places players in the boots of an elite veteran from an old war. Returning to action for a last mission, players will once again equip their chain arm and start their ascent to the top of the mega-city where they live. Of course, players will need to use this arm to ascend and deal with the threats they will face on their way. Sanabi allows players to engross themselves in fast-paced, mobile, combat, in which they must rely on their accuracy and reaction time to overcome challenges. 

Importantly, Sanabi makes players face off against a variety of enemies, challenging puzzles, and deadly bosses. The latest update, arriving in the game just before its full launch, introduced two formidable new bosses, new stages, and even a new ending. Of course, you can check out the new launch trailer for the game below for a glimpse of the action. Additionally, the trailer will provide a look at the art style of the game in addition to its platforming gameplay. Check it out. 

Sanabi is currently available for PC and the Nintendo Switch.