Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 Collector’s Edition Is Out Now on Steam

Dive Inside the World of Jewel Match Aquascapes 2

Developer Suricate Software and publisher Grey Alien Games have officially launched Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 Collector’s Edition on Steam. Players will embark on an enchanting Match-3 journey inside an underwater realm. Explore various aquatic worlds and venture through vibrant coral gardens and beautiful submerged landscapes filled with intricate challenges.

Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 Collector's Edition

Collect amazing treasures in the deep ocean and try to revive the undersea estate to its former glory. There are tons of mind-bending puzzles, engaging spot-the-difference scenes, and intricate jigsaw puzzles awaiting your arrival. Equipped yourself with a range of power-ups from the store and prepare yourself for the epic odyssey.

Along the way, you will also discover large novel gameplay elements, including submarines, formidable walls, dynamic conveyor belts, cunning octopuses, and much more. The game also features a melodious soundtrack that will bring delight throughout your journey in Jewel Match Aquascapes 2 Collector’s Edition.

Here are some key features of the game:

– Journey through 200 expansive levels!
– Dive into 50 additional bonus levels with new game features!
– Choose from 3 distinct play modes: timed, relaxed, and limited moves!
– Tailor your experience with 3 difficulty settings: normal, advanced, and extreme.
– Enhance your gameplay with an array of upgrades and powerful boosts available in the in-game shop.
– Enjoy replayable mini-games, including engaging jigsaw puzzles and captivating spot-the-difference scenes.