Once Human New PC Beta Test Will Begin in December

These Monsters Were Once Human

Starry Studio has announced the launch date for the new PC Beta Test of their upcoming game Once Human. This test will start on 7 December in North America and it will include some of the latest features of the game.

It will also provide a chance to get a hands-on experience of this highly-anticipated title. Moreover, you can register now on the game’s official website to receive a pioneer reward when the beta test begins.

Once Human is an open-world survival game that takes place in a strange, post-apocalyptic future. The apocalypse has changed everything and infested all the living beings with an alien substance called Stardust. You will play as a Meta-Human and thrive to survive the contamination using the power of the Stardust.

Play alone or join forces with your friends in the race for survival, and battle the mutated monsters called Aberrant. These creatures were once human beings and now, they have ravaged the place and destroyed the cities. They lurk around every corner, waiting for an opportunity to hunt down the survivors.

You will fight these monstrosities and their bosses from another dimension to obtain powerful items that will help you put an end to the Stardust pollution. There are more than 100 gun blueprints divided into seven categories for everyone to collect and craft. Different parts and perks can be installed in these weapons to upgrade them.

Build houses using the Territory Core and design as as you please. You can make it into a townhouse with a patio, kitchen, garage, and more. The cool part is that you can relocate your territory any time you want.

Dive into the world to find out from where the Stardust came and what is its real intention. Remember that you are never alone in this journey as there are several factions in the world. Some of them are violent and hostile, while others might be friendly and helpful.