Forgotten Skies Officially Announced for Steam

Set Out on a Funny Adventure in Forgotten Skies

The indie game developer and publisher Chrysalis Interactive has officially announced Forgotten Skies for Steam. This announcement came from the developer’s official social media pages. According to it, the game will launch in Q3 of 2024 on the platform.

Forgotten Skies

Forgotten Skies is a third-person adventure game that blends platforming and RPG elements. You will embark on a fun and hilarious journey on flying islands to find collectibles and complete various quests and tasks.

Along the way, you will meet additional NPCs and mystical creatures that are amusing in nature. They might become an enemy that you must fight. Or they can turn out to be friends that will provide valuable clues in the course of the game’s varied storyline.

Initial information has revealed that the game will feature the implementation of Dolby Atmos for a realistic sound experience. As well as NVIDIA’s DLSS performance enhancement features and image scaling for RTX series graphics cards.

The game received many positive reactions on various social media platforms right after its first announcement. The developer is also planning to start its Kickstarter Campaign soon, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Make sure to watch the official gameplay preview below to build up the hype even more.