Street Fighter V Gets A Brand New Character

Looking To The Future

It’s been a while, but Street Fighter V is finally coming to the end of its life. We’re fast approaching the end of the season 5 roadmap, which is set to be the last major content update for the smash-hit fighting game. However, Capcom aren’t done with the Street Fighter franchise yet, and at today’s Summer Update 2021 they revealed a brand-new character that’s set to be a big name in the series from here on out.

The final Season 5 character revealed was Luke, a star kickboxer with a rough-and-tumble, brawling fighting style. Apart from a brief glimpse of gameplay, we don’t know much about Luke just yet – though that’ll probably change in the run-up to his release this Winter. You can check out Luke’s reveal trailer right here:

An interesting aspect to the reveal is that Luke is a brand-new character to the Street Fighter franchise – unlike other fighters included in season 5 such as Dan and Rose, he’s never been seen in another game before. In the announcement, the official Street Fighter Twitter called Luke “a key player in the future of Street Fighter”, driving speculation that he could be a member of the main roster of Street Fighter 6 whenever it releases.

Despite a number of controversies over its lifespan, from the introduction of in-game ads to the introduction of paid DLC, Street Fighter V has been a massive success, becoming one of the series’ highest-selling installments. Now, however, after five years of updates, patches and DLCs, the arrival of Luke is signalling a shift towards looking to the future at Capcom, preparing for whatever’s coming next.

Luke will be added to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition this November, though an exact date has not been revealed just yet. He’s one of the five characters available with the Character Pass and the Premium Pass for Street Fighter V, along with Dan, Rose, Oro and Akira.