Lost Judgment English Voice Cast Announced With New Wild Trailer

Judgment Comes to Yokohama

Lost Judgment, the sequel to the 2018 Yakuza series spin-off Judgment, is coming westward, and you know what that means: an English dub is in the works. SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio just revealed the official English voice cast of Lost Judgment and it’s an all-star lineup.

Right off the bat, we can declare that Greg Chun will be reprising his role as series protagonist Takayuki Yagami, a disgraced defence attorney turned private eye. He’ll be once again stumbling into a grisly mystery that will push him to his limits and beyond, and yes, before you ask, the yakuza are involved.

Akihiro Ehara is a police officer who was represented by Yagami’s old lawyer agency–you know, before he suddenly revealed the location of a rotting corpse in Yokohama. He will be voiced by industry veteran Artt Butler.

Masaharu Kaito, an ex-yakuza and long-time friend of Yagami, will be voiced by Crispin Freeman. Another returning character, attorney Saori Shirosaki, will be voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

New character Jin Kuwana, Yagami’s self-proclaimed rival, will be brought to life with the voice of Todd Haberkorn, while Matt Y. King will be lending his vocal talents to Kazuki Soma, the leader of the Kamurocho-based crime organization RK. Finally, Yoko Sawa, Toru Higashi, and Issei Hoshino will be voiced by Erika Lindbeck, Steve Blum, and Joe Zieja respectively.

The presence of this star-studded case definitely bodes well for the upcoming title, but that isn’t all that Lost Judgment is bringing to the Judgment formula. Not only will the Yakuza series’ trademark side-quests and minigames be thrown into the mix to ensure players never run out of options, but the action will be straying outside of Kamurocho once again. Yakuza: Like A Dragon took the series to Yokohama, and now Lost Judgment will be going to the city as well. See you there.

Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment will feature both Japanese and English language tracks catering to player preference as well as subtitles in French, Italian, German and Spanish. The standard and deluxe editions of Lost Judgment are currently available for pre-order digitally.

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