Why Jason Voorhees Can’t Be in Dead By Daylight Just Yet

Dead By Daylight Can’t Have Jason Voorhees Until Licensing Issues Are Resolved

Dead by Daylight was first released to the gaming world in 2017 and it has not been shy in adding iconic horror villains to its roster of playable characters. The game has certainly brought a new spin on the horror game genre with its new 4v1 competitive gameplay that has consistently been well-balanced.

In the five years that Dead by Daylight has been launched, Developer Behaviour Interactive has always been expanding the game with new DLCs and server improvements, giving players a more immersive and interactive form of entertainment.

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Some of the well-known occult horror names added to Dead by Daylight have been Freddy Krueger, Ghost Face, Leatherface, and, just recently, Pinhead. The list goes on and continues to be impressive, but horror fans have noticed that Jason Voorhees from Friday he 13th is not present.

The main reason why Jason Voorhees remains to be a no-show in Dead by Daylight can be attributed to the horror franchise’s ongoing custody battle. Writer Victor Miller and Director Sean Cunningham are still fighting over who gets the final say on greenlighting any project that involves the famous camp slasher. Fans are expecting that the problem will be resolved soon, but there has been no meaningful update regarding the case to date. These licensing issues that the Friday the 13th is currently embroiled in is why Dead by Daylight cannot experience new Jason Voorhees content within the game.

Since Dead by Daylight’s official release, its devs have been focused on fixing any bugs and further polishing its gameplay, considering that its number of players have hugely spiked in January. Unfortunately, Dead by Daylight’s player base have reportedly now been diminished to only over 200 players per month.

Moreover, Jason Voorhees’s name is also currently tied to 2017’s Friday the 13th: The Game. Adding him to Dead by Daylight is expected to be quite disastrous to the former game, especially since it has not had any new content lately.