Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Kickstarter Over 6000% Funded

There’s Still 26 Days to Go, by the Way

To call the Avatar: The Last Airbender a “hit” would be a massive understatement – despite being released 16 years ago, the TV show’s legacy marks it as one of the most beloved franchises of all time, with excellent review scores and a lasting presence in modern pop culture.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

This makes the lack of Avatar content all the more confusing. Aside from merchandise, the most prominent aspects of the franchise consist of the original show’s 3 seasons, and a follow-up show with 4 seasons. A solid amount of (mostly) critically-acclaimed content, but nowhere near the prominence of other media titans, like Star Wars or The Simpsons. Considering how prominent Avatar is, this has left its fans with a problem.

They are an absolutely massive group of people with an undying love for the world of Avatar, but have few official sources to spend their time and money on. And then the Kickstarter campaign comes out – advertising a pen & paper RPG experience, with content limited only by the player’s imagination.

Avatar Legends TTRPG

Needless to say, the result was something magical. This is one of the few instances where sheer numbers are more expressive than words could ever hope to be. The original funding goal was 62,770$ CAD (50,000$ USD). As of writing, the campaign is now sitting at a modest 4,386,506$ CAD. It has only existed for 4 days.

It’s clear that anticipation for a product like this is sky-high. The formula of the show already felt like a well-crafted Dungeons & Dragons adventure, and a “theatre of the mind” system is perhaps the best space for players to flex their creative muscles; finding all sorts of new uses for Avatar’s grounded and highly flexible magic system. This game seems like a dream come true for Avatar and TTRPG fans, and with an estimated release window around January next year, those dreams could be realized in just a few short months.

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