Smite Mid-Season Update Brings Stranger Things Battle Pass

This Crossover Works a Lot Better Than We Expected It To

The crossover between Smite and Netflix’s Stranger Things has officially arrived, and if this trailer is anything to go by, it’s a very powerful combination. The Stranger Things Battle Pass adds skins of Eleven, Jim Hopper, the Demogorgon, and the Mind Flayer, with each skin adding brand new models, animations, and visual effects.

An additional 2 prestige skins–1 for Eleven and one for Hopper–bring the total of new arrivals up to 6 skins. Sadly, the monstrous inhabitants of the Upside Down do not get prestige skins, but then, they don’t really need them to be terrifying. If you don’t believe us, check out this brief but very effective trailer showcasing the crossover skins in action.

The Stranger Things Battle Pass also brings a variety of unlockable content, including a new Upside Down Arena map that makes the battlefield of the gods creepier than ever before. However, this crossover is far from the only thing Smite’s mid-season update is bringing to players.

This year’s mid-season update also contains a Conquest map refresh, some core design changes, and the Court of Midnight event that features Morgan Le Fay‘s first skin. The new Conquest map is called Ocean’s Fury and it features a thick forest, a shipwreck, the partial corpse of a massive sea creature, and a new jungle monster for players to fight.

Also noteworthy is the removal of boot items. Instead, the first few levels will automatically grant Movement Speed, opening up a wider array of viable choices in all game modes. The developers have also updated several underutilized Relics and added a new Relic for support characters: the Bracer of Radiance.

Finally, the Court of Midnight event features several questlines and showcases more new God skins to unlock, including the viscerally terrifying Crimson Magus Morgan Le Fay. This video will give you a closer look at the many things available in this year’s mid-season update.

The Stranger Things Battle Pass is now available for purchase.

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