SEGA and Lavair Teaming Up For Mega Drive Streetwear

Quality Kicks With That 16 Bit Style

Sure you’ve got that Sega Genesis style in your life. Consoles, cartridges, maybe even a few shirts? Obviously the next step is a set of limited edition shoes. Lavair and Sega have created a couple pairs of sneakers that perfectly represent that pixels and purple CRT aesthetic. The Mono and Analog variants both look and feel like the consoles we remember so well, while being like, comfortable shoes. It’s a tough balance! You can find more details from the official press release just below.

Sega Lavair Shoes

Innovative, independent trainer label Lavair has announced the official release date for a limited-edition Mega Drive themed collaboration with legendary gaming company, SEGA®.

The offering will be available to purchase starting July 23, 2021 exclusively at

The four piece collaboration will feature two styles, the retro-hued EXO SEGA MEGA DRIVE ANALOG, and more understated EXO SEGA MEGA DRIVE MONO, each arriving with matching caps.

Lavair has reinterpreted its best-selling EXO style to combine luxury craftsmanship with stylish nostalgia for SEGA Mega Drive’s first official shoe collaboration.

Shoes retail at $276 (€233,£200) and caps are $70 (€58, £50).

The Mega Drive console (named Genesis in the USA), originally debuted in Japan in 1988, and took the world by storm in the subsequent years.

The EXO SEGA MEGA DRIVE flaunts technical aesthetics with a full thermoplastic polyurethane eye-stay and weather resistant toe guard and draped in a hi-tensile nylon upper. EXO sits on top of a streetwear-inspired outsole, combined with outdoor trekker detailing for optimal comfort underneath the brands’ signature, lighter-than-air sole.

Shoe Size Run: US7 – US13 (EU40 – UK46, UK6 – UK12)

SOURCE: Press Release