Red Dead Online: Blood Money and DLSS Ready For Launch in July

New Modes and DLSS

Red Dead Online was launched as the online component to Red Dead Redemption 2 and officially released in 2020 following a beta phase. Red Dead Online has been quite a success for Rockstar, much akin to Grand Theft Auto, as players can traverse the western world, looting and shooting along the way. Today, Rockstar announced that a new update would launch on July 13th, bringing with it a ton of content along with official DLSS support for the game, along with Red Dead Redemption 2, on PC.

Red Dead Online Update

In Blood Money, Guido Martelli needs precise shooters and gunslingers to retrieve an item of value, known as the Capitale. The Capitale is now in the hands of lowlifes across five different states, so Martelli and his boss, Angelo Bronte, will pay a handsome reward to any person who can find and return it, along with access to more criminal opportunities.

Martelli will introduce players to contacts across the game, which will offer work known as Crimes, which can range from robberies to brutal debt collections and more. Players can commit crimes by their lonesome or carry along a team, and as they traverse the world in Freeroam, they may come across unlocked Homesteads and vulnerable Camps that are ripe for the picking. Retrieving enough Capitale will unlock Opportunities, wherein players must assist Martelli in bringing down a Lemoyne senator keen on disrupting Bronte’s underworld activities.

Via the update, Nvidia DLSS will be available to all users on PC with eligible Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards. DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, has become increasingly popular in the gaming world as it uses groundbreaking AI rendering technology to enhance graphics and gameplay for PC users. If Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption players decide to use the feature, it will boost frame rates and generate beautiful, sharp images.

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