Red Barrels Shows Off Concept Art for New Enemy in The Outlast Trials

Worst VR Headset Ever

It seems that the upcoming Outlast game is letting players graduate from a handheld, night-vision camera to a hands-free, night-vision headset. There is a teensy, little caveat though. It will be drilled onto your head a bit, but hey. Use of both hands!

The Outlast Trials is supposed to launch sometime this year, but we have really only seen the reveal trailer. Earlier this week, developer Red Barrels gave us a look at a new enemy type players will be encountering. If the environments in this game are as dark as in Outlast 2, this might be our best look at it.

The Outlast Trials

This enemy looks like another poor, unfortunate soul, who has been experimented on just like the player. They have been chained up for who knows how long, injured, and disfigured. He also looks to be partially held together with metal braces that also serve to cut and maim anyone who he can shamble up to.

They have one of those less than stylish headsets that the players are also outfitted with. Maybe that means that everyone can see in the dark? One of the main mechanics of the games is that it’s hard to see and that batteries, and therefore sight, is an important resource. Is this going to be changing for The Outlast Trials?

There are other things that are changing for this game. We know that there is going to be a co-op element, which will be a first for the series. Unfortunately, we don’t know any specifics about the game’s release. The Outlast Trials is expected to launch this year for PC and hopefully more platforms.

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