Dead Space Remake Announced Via This Unsettling Teaser Trailer

Remember Your Worst Nightmare? No, Dismember Your Worst Nightmare

Sometimes, everything aligns just right and something we all thought was long dead comes jerking and shuddering back to a horrible, shambling mockery of life. What we are saying is, our Dead Space prayers have been granted, there’s a remake of the first Dead Space game coming, and we can’t wait to return to the USG Ishimura and relive the worst day of Isaac Clarke’s life.

The original Dead Space was a landmark title in action/horror and remains well-regarded by many fans to this day–and it’s also a jumping-off point for a potential franchise revitalization, which we are most definitely hoping for. Beyond that, this teaser does an excellent job of getting us in the right mood for more Dead Space. Take a look for yourself.

While this video is very short and acts as more of a mood piece than anything else, like most great horror pieces, it gives us just enough information to let our minds fill in the gaps. And it does so with some great visual and audio style that had chills going our spines by the 30-second mark.

The trailer opens with the ominous sound of grinding metal, which is soon revealed to be a huge door sliding open to reveal a huge, dimly lit room. Inside, we can make out sparks flying from the walls, a wet grate on the floor, and distant screaming sounds.

Finally, a combination of a slow zoom and flickering lights draw attention to the outline of a Necromorph, which rises up from its meal and assumes a threatening posture. The final shots of the trailer give us a glimpse of our intrepid protagonist from the back, his suit lighting up as he rises to his full height, and a message written in blood: “Cut off their limbs.” Sage advice.

We’ve been expecting something like this to happen since we spotted activity on the Dead Space YouTube channel, but we’re still thrilled to see it actually happen. This remake isn’t Dead Space 4, but its existence puts Dead Space back on the map, and that’s good enough for us. Plus, the Twitter post makes it clear that this remake will be rebuilt from the ground up by Motive Studio, which opens up all kinds of options for the reborn Dead Space franchise.

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