Something Cool Just Happened on The Dead Space YouTube Channel

Dead Space: It’s Alive! 

This morning we learned something amazing could be coming after 8 long years of inactivity. The official YouTube channel for the Dead Space franchise has seemingly woken up from a coma. After almost a decade the channel has updated its main profile picture. This is the first time in 8-years something has happened to that channel and we are here for it.

This may seem like a minor, and almost not even noteworthy story; however, the internet has been a buzz lately with rumors the franchise is making a comeback. Many reports have emerged lately suggesting a remake of the original is returning. Some have also suggested Dead Space 4 is coming.

As reported by “Twitter user SierraI07 and the Dead Space subreddit, users recently noticed that the official YouTube channel’s profile picture was now a section of Dead Space 2‘s box art, as shown in the bottom half of the above picture. Visiting the Wayback Machine shows that the profile picture used to be the Dead Space 3 logo, which can be seen in the top half of the above picture. The channel had that logo for its profile picture since around August 2012 when the ill-fated trilogy-ending installment was announced. The Twitter account still has the Dead Space 3 logo.”

Granted, this all needs to be taken with a giant grain of salt but it sure is fun to talk about Dead Space again.

It should also be noted the information above does appear to corroborate other online reports that Electronic Arts is indeed bringing back Dead Space. GameBeat’s Jeff Grubb and VideoGamesChronicle have both reported that a Dead Space reveal of some kind is in the works for EA Play Live on July 22.

The last time we reviewed a Dead Space game was back in 2013, when we reviewed Dead Space 3 on the Xbox 360:

“Visceral Games wrap up a trilogy that started with a silent protagonist stranded on a desolate spaceship.  They took us through the ship, and its madness, as new protagonist Isaac Clark dealt with the Necromorphs and his dead girlfriend and then presented a final showdown on a mysterious planet.  Many new features have become a part of the series by the time this third installment has hit.  The new cooperative mode is a much better addition than I had assumed, and it sits well within the game’s formula.  The essential ingredients of what makes a Dead Space game good changes with each iteration that is released; each title is different, but they are all good.  Though I feel Dead Space 3 may not be the strongest of all the three Dead Space games I found I still enjoyed it thoroughly and feel that it is definitely a title that should be on every action gamer’s radar.”