Creator Glen Schofield Says He Would Love to Make a Brand New Dead Space Game

The Creator Behind Dead Space Says He’d Love to Make a New Game in the Franchise

It’s been more than 6 years since Dead Space 3 was released and since then many have wondered whether a fourth game would be coming to the franchise. Now it’s no surprise that many would be on board for this to happen, but what about the creator behind Dead Space? As it turns out, Glen Schofield says he’d be down to make another one.

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During the most recent episode of The Gamer Informer Show Glen Schofield was asked of all the games he’s previously worked on, which one would he like to make a sequel for. His answer? He would love to make a new Dead Space game, and hopes he’ll be able to in the future. So what would the sequel look like? He says that he wouldn’t want it to be too attached to the lore from the second and third Dead Space titles, noting that they did become quite complex then.

In saying that though Glen Schofield recognizes that a new Dead Space game would likely be a tough sell in today’s age of gaming, however he states that as a single player game it wouldn’t need to be played alone and would probably do well with a co-op component. Additionally he acknowledged that in order to really see some success with it, the team would have to bring in some type of multiplayer game mode.

Now regardless of whether or not Dead Space 4 is in our future, Schofield did mention that whatever he works on next will be something dark and sci-fi. What exactly that will be though, he didn’t say. If you’re wondering exactly what he had to say, you can check out the whole episode of the show below.

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