Fortnite’s Newest Upcoming Vehicle Is a Hamster Ball

It Seems Fortnite Is Adding New Hamster Ball Vehicles Soon

Just a few weeks ago Epic Games hinted that they would be bringing a brand new single-player vehicle to Fortnite and since then there have been rumblings about what it could be. As it turns out, the information that was recently uncovered during some good ‘ol datamining is true. The new vehicle, drum roll please, is going to be a rolling hamster ball.


Now you may not be the only one thinking of lyrics from Chamillionaire’s Ridin’ right now, as many people will see you rollin’ around the map, and they’ll definitely be hatin’. According to Twitter user Lucas7yoshi, the very same who uncovered this vehicle through datamining, this hamster ball vehicle will be called the Baller! And thanks to Ali-A, the Baller has been officially revealed.

The single-occupancy vehicle looks a reminiscent of something you might see in Jurassic World, and has a comfy looking seat armed with a plunger on the outside. While there’s no information about what use this plunger will have, it seems likely that it will be used a grappling hook. Though Ali-A’s tweet laid credence to what Lucas7yoshi had originally stated, what really puts this vehicle into the ‘legitimate’ column is the fact that Epic Game’s Donald Mustard retweeted Ali-A’s original tweet saying, “Just you wait. It. Is. Amazing.” You can check out the vehicle for yourself in the tweet below.

While it’s unclear at this point when the Baller will make its grand entrance in Fortnite, it’s rumored that it could come out as soon as the next patch that’s out later this week. What do you think about the latest upcoming addition to Fortnite? Are you planning on giving it a go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!