The Outlast Trials Unleashing Update for a Scary Halloween

Trick or Trials for Halloween 

The trials are getting even spookier for Halloween. In fact, one could say they are getting trickier even. There is a lot to look forward to as an experiment. Today, Red Barrel is excited to announce the upcoming Halloween update for their co-op horror game, The Outlast Trials. Releasing on October 26th, the Halloween update for the game is bringing a whole host of content to the game for players to experience. For instance, players can look forward to things like new cosmetics and even a new map. Furthermore, a new update trailer gives players a look at what is to come. 

The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials places players in the hands of the shadowy, and downright evil, Murkoff Corporation. Held prisoner in a top-secret facility, players will be subject to a series of horrific physical and mental challenges. These trials span different maps, using different objectives and pitting players against varied horrors. Importantly, the Halloween update for the game will feature even more of these horrors. 

The update for The Outlast Trials will feature a new trail, Program 4: Courthouse, new prescriptions, amps, cosmetics, and more. Of course, players can also expect new quality-of-life updates in addition to the list of content coming with the update. Gamers can check out the new update trailer for a look at what awaits them as the trials celebrate the season. View the trailer below. 

The Outlast Trials is available now on Steam. In addition to the release of the Halloween update, the game will be 20% off on Steam from October 26 – November 2.