Try To Survive The Outlast Trials Next Year

Good Clean Fun Coming 2021

IGN’s Summer of Gaming event has been steadily dropping trailers for a few days now. One of the latest offerings is The Outlast Trials, a co-op horror game coming to scare you witless sometime in 2021. Now you can share your hellish traumas with some close friends! Or indirectly assist in inflicting them, maybe.

The Outlast Trials

This latest entry in the Outlast series takes place during the Cold War. You and your fellow lab rats have cameras and/or night vision rigs drilled into your heads, then you’re set loose. Who will survive? Who will be brutally butchered? Based on the trailer, I’m going to assume a rather high body count.

Having the light rig permanently affixed to your skull may seem cruel and inhumane, but it’s a lot more convenient than having to carry the bloody thing, right? This way you’ve got two free hands for helping people, or hauling their corpses out of the way. You know, whatever might need doing in the moment. Based on the new co-op element in the game, it seems like you and your friends might have to work together. That means no using them to distract the monsters, no matter how tempting it may be. The Outlast Trials are set for release sometime in 2021. Check out the trailer below!