League of Legends Wild Rift Brazil Tour 2021 Is Ready To Kickoff

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Riot Games is no stranger to competitive eSports tournament and pushing the genre, whether it be top tier events in League of Legends or over one million viewers in Valorant. The company has consistently strived to ensure that their games have a competitive niche for its supreme players. League of Legends Wild Rift is no different as Riot Games has announced that the Brazil tour for the game will commence today, 9th July. This tournament will feature open and final stages and the winner gets to represent Brazil at the Wild Rift World Cup, scheduled for later this year.

League of Legends key art

The Wild Rift Brazil Tour will include a qualifying stage with 256 places each between August and September this year. Each qualifying team will receive a prize of around USD$3800 to be distributed among the top four teams. Each tournament will last four days. The qualifiers will commence with Stage One from 11th to 15th August and conclude with Stage Four between 22nd to 26th September. The top eight teams from the qualifiers will advance to the Brazilian finals, which will be held in person at the Riot Games Studio, in Sao Paulo Brazil between 8th October to 10th October.

The Grand Finals will be a best of seven series wherein the winner will get a spot in the Wild Rift World Cup along with a cash prize of around USD$32,000.

Unfortunately, at the finals at the Studio, only team members and staff will be allowed in due to Covid-19 protocols, meaning that no fans will be allowed to view the event in person. To circumvent this, the Wild Tour Brazil Finals 2021 will be broadcasted on the Riot Games channel on Youtube, Twitch and Nimo TV. The semi-finals and finals will be available on all platforms, however the qualifiers will be available solely on Nimo TV.

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