League of Legends: Wild Rift Open Beta is Coming to the Americas

It’ll Also Be Releasing in Brazil and Latam Around the Same Time

In the field of online games, League of Legends is a juggernaut, so we’re not surprised that League of Legends: Wild Rift will be coming to the Americas soon. This was always going to happen. But we’re going to find out when, exactly, we can expect it to come tomorrow–the release date will be announced on March 9th. This revamped build of the game brings the action to mobile and console with streamlined matches and high-skill competition. Once the Open Betas arrive properly, players across the Americas, Brazil, and Latam will be able to download Wild Rift directly from the app store without registering. There’s just a few little problems: players in the Americas will not be able to match with players outside the region, even when travelling abroad, and they won’t be able to migrate their accounts.

To be specific, if players in the Americas have been registered to other servers, they will have to migrate their accounts to the new Americas region, and all their progress will be lost. Any Wild Cores they bought will be restored, but the account will be reset to level one again, so that’s cold comfort. Fortunately, Riot Games is planning a special event to help the American players get caught up, so expect a flood of Blue Motes, CP, champions, and exclusive content from previous events. If you’re playing in Brazil or Latam, then you’re in luck–no such restrictions apply to you.

Also in the works is a new global event called Wild Rift Journey, which is scheduled to be released alongside the Americas-specific event. We’ll keep you updated when we find out more about it.

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