Monster Hunter Stories 2 Will Be Coming to PC and Switch in July

Another Chapter in the Tale

The follow-up to 2017’s Monster Hunter Stories has been a longtime coming, but the release date is finally in sight. Earlier today, Capcom released a trailer detailing more of the story for the upcoming game as well as the official release date. Both PC and Nintendo Switch owners will be able to play Monster Hunter Stories 2 this Summer. In this trailer, we see the rise of a new hero and the connections being made to the first Monster Hunter Stories. We also get a taste of what the co-op experience has to offer.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

Even if you did not play Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS, you can probably tell that Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a sequel. Gameplay elements return from the first game, as well as the lore surrounding Riders and the bonds between them and monsters. The main character, who is descended from the legendary Rider named Red, is entrusted with an monster egg. This egg is from Ratha, the companion Rathalos from Monster Hunter Stories. Though Ratha became a heroic figure in the first game, its offspring’s destiny is uncertain and straddles the line between being a savior and a menace.

The trailer ends with a bit of co-op action. It seems that there will be certain quests and missions that can be done with other players. You an a friend can enter a battle together to double-team monsters. Players can also roam the overworld together, mounted on their own monsters. Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be available on July 9th for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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