Wholesome Direct 2021 Loaded With Wonderful Games

Tons of Cozy Games

Wholesome Direct 2021 is all about chill, cozy games. At least 70 of them were shown off today. Let’s go through just like, a few of these upcoming wholesome games.

Need something chill in your life right this second? Alekon, the photography sim, is coming out immediately. Hot Pot For One, a short game that replicates cooking by yourself in a foreign country, is also out today.┬áThere’s another photography sim! Beasts of Maravilla Island is… also out today! It’s an amazing day for aspiring chill photo sim nerds. Both games look beautiful, involved, and full of non-photo activities to participate in.

Skatebird, the skateboarding game starring a very small bird, is simply listed as ‘very soon.’ Which is a step up from ‘when it’s ready,’ the original release window.

We Are OFK is a narrative musical adventure set in LA. It’s fully voiced, threaded through with songs, and full of gorgeous visuals. No release date is available yet, but you can wishlist it on Steam.

Wholesome Direct 2021

If you want to experience the laid-back thrill of delivering mail, Lake and KeyWe both involve postal work. Although KeyWe has you doing so as a pair of flightless birds.

Battle Cakes is a turn-based cupcake RPG that has you exploring a colorful world, fighting assorted pastries. It features clever dialogue, curious characters, and what I can only assume are stacks of food-based puns.

A Little To The Left is a meditative game about making sure everything is just right. That picture frame is crooked? Those pencils aren’t in order? Time to re-arrange them! If you find order and neatness oddly satisfying, this one will please you immensely when it releases later this year. There’s also Unpacking, a game about getting things out of boxes and into their proper place in a series of tiny rooms.

There’s more! You can learn to be a witch with Witchery Academy! Explore the pastel paradise that is Moonshell Island! Build and also explore with Lego Builder’s Journey! Clean everything you see with the PowerWash Simulator! Or just do a little open-world crafting in Apico.

This wasn’t everything! Not even close. For the complete list of chill, cozy games, you can check out the whole presentation below. You can also get the complete list of games at the Wholesome Games site here.