DualSense Wireless Controllers Will Come in Two New Colors Starting Next Month

Get Ready For Midnight Black and Cosmic Red

The PlayStation DualSense wireless controller has received a ton of feedbackmost of it positive–since the launch of the PS5 console back in November. Today, PlayStation is happy to announce that the DualSense controller will be coming out in two new colors starting next month: Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. Both new designs look absolutely stunning, so gamers might want to save the date on their calendars. If you’re not sold on the idea of new colors being worth celebrating, take a look at this trailer. Trust us, these controllers are gorgeous.

Midnight Black presents gamers with a controller in two subtly different shades of black, with light grey detailing designed to remind you of the stars and swirling clouds found in the night sky. Meanwhile, Cosmic Red brings a bold, high-contrast design in glittering crimson and deep black to reflect the many shades of red found throughout the cosmos. Both devices are beautiful and wouldn’t look out place in a modern art exhibit, though that may say more about modern art than it does about gaming tech. Either way, these controllers are gorgeous and they’d look even better beside your console.

“Our goal is to always find designs that will surprise and entice our fans, and these new colors are the result of an extensive selection process. We wanted the new controller colors to complement each other, as well as the original DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console, so we designed the colors around the theme of ‘galaxy’ as it felt like a natural progression from the original PS5 and accessories designs,” said PlayStation Senior Designer and CMF Design Leo Cardoso.

DualSense Cosmic Red and Midnight Black

If you need more information, you can check out the details on the PlayStation website.

The new colors of DualSense Wireless Controller will be available over the next month. The exact date will vary by location.

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