Revita Just Got Its First Major Early Access Update

Beasts, Bees, and More Beautifully Agonizing Roguelite Action

We’ve talked about Revita before. Our conclusion back then was that it’s a gorgeous but nail-bitingly hard shooter/roguelite, and we stand by that statement now, so we’re happy to announce that this niche title has found its audience. In fact, Revita has been so successful that solo developer BenStar released the game’s first major early access update today–an accomplishment that owes a lot to player feedback. The update is called ‘Beasts and Bees’ and it promises to bring a ton of new aspects to the game. Plus, it comes with a content roadmap showing the next planned update.

Revita roadmap

For those of you who are new here, Revita follows a young child with a gun in their struggle to ascend a mysterious clock tower. Each room is procedurally generated and full of creepy-cute horrors that won’t hesitate to shoot you dead. In order to survive, players must strike a balance between sacrificing their precious hearts for power-ups and just getting good at the mechanics, a task of Herculean proportions. In short, it’s a game about living on the knife’s edge, and we can’t recommend it enough if you’re into that.

The game now features:

  • More stuff! – 2 NPCs, 18 relics, 1 new branching path, and a brand new Celestial weapon, plus hats, achievements, secrets, and frogs 🐸
  • Rebalanced relics! – Upgrades have been adjusted to make for a more balanced experience: increased chance of critical damage, stat boosts, etc.
  • Smoother gameplay! – Numerous quality of life improvements based on player feedback, including dialogue skips, a quick restart button, and a proper mouse lock system.
  • Early Access(ibility)! – Players can zoom the camera out to better view the level, mashes and holds are now skippable, and they now have the ability to dash towards the mouse.

Does that sound like fun to you?

Revita is currently available for PC in early access at $17.49 CAD.

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