Four New Characters Storm the Battlefield in This Samurai Warriors 5 Trailer

Two Variants of Nobunaga Oda and Akechi Mitsuhide Will Also Be Playable

The Samurai/Dynasty Warriors franchise is well known for its attempts to bring historical battles to life–though we sincerely doubt the real Mitsuhide Akechi had hair quite that pretty–and Samurai Warriors’ fifth installment is taking on one of the most legendary tales from the Sengoku Period. Nobunaga Oda, self-proclaimed Demon King, once known as the Fool of Owari and now immortalized as one of Japan’s Three Great Unifiers, takes center stage here, alongside his retainer Mitsuhide, the man who betrayed him. It’s a long and turbulent story, so needless to say, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to experience it for ourselves, especially if that means clearing out a battlefield or ten in classic Dynasty Warriors fashion. This new trailer does a fantastic job of showing off the new designs, new characters, and revamped story.

Fresh arrivals include Sandayū Momochi, the head of the Iga Ninjas, who wields fearsome kusarigama; Hattori Hanzō, the legendary Ninja swordsman; Magoichi Saika, a mercenary who doesn’t care for talk of good and evil; and Yasuke, a man of African origins who also serves as one of Nobunaga’s retainers. On top of all that, it’s been confirmed that for the first time adult versions of Nobunaga and Mitsuhide will be playable alongside their younger selves, meaning you can enjoy Nobunaga’s spell-binding sword techniques and Mitsuhide’s blade-and-firearm combo. We feel that more video game samurai should have guns. It’s historically accurate.

Though the combat takes the spotlight, the trailer also draws attention to the relationships between the cast. From rival warlords to dear friends to beloved family, Samurai Warriors 5 weaves an intricate web of connections during one of the most turbulent moments in history. Even if you know it ends, the results promise to be something to behold.

Samurai Warriors 5 will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Summer 2021.

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