Naraka: Bladepoint Beta Opens Today and It is Gorgeous

Players Everywhere Can Now Enjoy Some Incredible Multiplayer Combat

A lot can be said about Battle Royale games. Whether you love or hate them, you can’t deny they’ve seen a ton of success, so it’s not exactly surprising to see a new one launch into beta. What is surprising is just how good Naraka: Bladepoint looks. The game markets itself on fluid movement, frantic combat, and the ability to take the fight vertical. You can battle in close quarters, chase other players around the richly detailed map in high-speed, high-agility chases, or rain down death from above with ranged weapons, grappling hooks, and parkour skills. This looks like a great opportunity for anyone who craves some solid multiplayer combat, but especially fans of the Feudal Japan aesthetic–interesting, considering that Naraka: Bladepoint is being made by leading Chinese developer 24 Entertainment. To celebrate the Forerunner Beta launch, the devs have dropped a new trailer comparing the base game’s visuals with the NVIDIA DLSS version. Spoilers, it’s beautiful.

That’s not all Naraka: Bladepoint has to offer fans–the game will also provide full facial customization options, meaning your character can look however you want them to. The process is so in-depth you can literally mold your character’s face like clay, which sounds like a great opportunity for sculptors. To everyone else… good luck sifting through limitless possibilities to find the one you want. Be ready to take lots of screenshots.

Morus Island has been expanded even further, too, adding in a ton of new interactive elements, including poisonous mushrooms, a ballista players can ride, and shrubbery for stealthing through. As the game’s setting grows deeper, more and more avenues for combat open up.

The Naraka: Bladepoint Forerunner Beta will last until Monday, April 26th 18:00 UTC. You can sign up here. The full game will release in Summer 2021 for PC.

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