Final Fantasy XIV Getting a PS5 Beta on April 13th

May You Ever Walk in the Light of the Crystal

Final Fantasy XIV can make a half-decent claim of being the most graphically advanced MMORPG there is. While World of Warcraft is similarly beautiful, Final Fantasy XIV’s more realistic creature and character design give it that extra edge. Also working in FInal Fantasy XIV’s favour is console availability, with the game being playable on PlayStation, as well as the standard PC.

While the console version definitely has some issues on a gameplay level – attacks and commands are mapped to certain key combinations, and I don’t understand how a healing role or tank role can work as effectively for a PlayStation player as a PC one (tell us your secrets down in the comments) – they’re still massively successful, with players partying up from around the world and across platforms.

The game’s currently playable on the PS5, but like many games it’s as the PS4 version, and doesn’t have a dedicated upgrade to take advantage of the PS5’s power, but all that’s set to change when the open beta drops later this month, giving players their first glimpse of the land of Eorzea in all it’s next-gen glory.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Shadowbringers

In classic Final Fantasy style, the world is dotted with not just strange creatures and characters but beautiful geographical features, whether that’s mountains of crystals or cities built in fairytale forests. The visual upgrade will take advantage of more of the PS5’s features, giving players their most visually stunning time in Eorzea of all time. Even better, PS5 players can benefit from PS5-exclusive features, such as haptic feedback and 3D audio, giving them a one-up on PC players to make up for the trickier control scheme at times.

You can sign up for the open beta here. Let us know what you think in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.