Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Gets Free Bloodstorm DLC Update

Blood, Blood, Gallons of the Stuff

The last time we talked about Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, it was back in 2016 and everything was terrible. Now it’s 2020 and things are slightly less terrible, even with the pandemic, so it seems fitting that Wolcen is getting its first free downloadable content update for Chronicle1: Bloodtrail today. That’s right, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, this game is getting a 100% free content update. That means more indie action-RPG to go around. No matter what the world throws in your path today, Wolcen has your back. The original Bloodtrail added a ton of cool stuff like New Endgame Stories, Events, Rewards, Boss, Buildings and Missions, pets, and a Loot Filter. Bloodstorm takes all of that polishes it to a mirror sheen.

Key features include:

  • New Environments : 4 new environments, as well as 13 new variants for existing environments will be playable in the End Game expeditions, allowing more diversity and thematic ambiances for players to try and defeat the highest tiers of difficulty, speaking of these tiers..
  • 30 New difficulty levels have been added to the End Game expeditions, players can now compete with enemies that are more powerful than ever, for higher experience and chances of loot.
  • While Pets in Wolcen are only a cosmetic feature obtainable by playing the campaign and the Champion of Stormfall narrative missions, we’ve listened to the feedback from our players, they will now automatically fetch gold dropping from monsters, chests and destructible environments.

The update also features seven new damage type modifiers, an improved dodge roll, a new Gate of Fates node called Evasion Velocity, and some all-around visual improvements. On the monster side of things, a new Underling, The Purifier Warhound, is making its debut and seven other monsters have had their animations improved. Finally, the update comes with a flurry of new balance changes designed to allow for more build diversity throughout the story and end game. Wolcen Studio promises to bring even more free updates in the studio, which is pretty excellent of them. Thanks for your hard work!

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is now available on PC. It is currently 30% off.

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