Children of Morta ‘Family Trials’ Update Available Now

Practically A Whole New Game, Honestly

Children of Morta, the charming roguelite about a family of monster hunters, just got a whole new game mode for zero dollars! Family Trials introduces new Talent trees, new currency, new item upgrades, and totally randomized stages. It’s quite a bit like another roguelite/roguelike you may have heard about in the last year or so.

Children of Morta: Family Trials Update

It’s Hades. This is the Hades update. Which is awesome! Some games make such a crater when they hit the zeitgeist, it would be weird not to pay homage to them. The Family Trials update also introduces two new difficulty settings, hard and insane. As someone who’s routinely laid out by roguelites and their ilk, this seems excessive, but who knows! Maybe Children of Morta’s fans have been crying out for a greater challenge.

My crass comparisons aside, this is a massive win for fans of the original game. Already a standout entry in the crowded field of roguelikes, the Family Trials update adds an enormous chunk of content to an already substantial game. Each of the six characters is getting a brand new Talent tree with 40 slots, which translates to a ton of new content to explore. This update is live and available for anyone who owns Children of Morta on either PC, PS4, Xbox One, or the Nintendo Switch. There’s even a new trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release