Abyss Herald Boss and New Archon Quest Will Arrive in Genshin Impact This April

Would You Battle the Servants of the Abyss for Your Long-Lost Sibling?

It’s easy to forget with all the cute girls, handsome boys, fun minigames, and incredibly complicated relationship dynamics flying around, but Genshin Impact is actually the story of two siblings, Aether and Lumine. After being separated during a disaster 500 years ago, whoever the player selected as their avatar wakes up alone and begins searching for their lost family. What happened to the one who didn’t get picked is… a little more complicated. The details are still deliberately obscured, but whatever happened while the player was asleep drove their sibling to become head of the villainous Abyss Order and declare war on destiny itself. So needless to say, when we heard the new Archon Quest, “We Will Be Reunited”, would have the two to meet, we sat up and paid attention. Getting a new boss monster, the Abyss Herald, to fight is just the cherry on top.

When will this quest–and boss battle–actually be implemented into the game? Don’t worry, they’re coming sooner rather than later. Specifically, they’re scheduled to arrive on Monday, April 12th, after the Windblume festival has ended. That should give us all enough time to switch from happy dating sim mode to sad, angry dimension-traveling siblings feels. Seriously, what happened to the Prince/Princess of the Abyss Order? Why are they so determined to see their goals through, even at the potential cost of destroying their relationship with the player character? We suppose we’ll have to wait and find out.

According to Dansleif, who is heavily implied to have been the emergency food–er, Paimon–to the Traveler’s lost sibling, Abyss Heralds are the next step up from Abyss Mages. These powerful creatures act as high-ranking officers in the Abyss Order. They also bear more than a slight resemblance to Childe’s Foul Legacy transformation, which could go all sorts of interesting places.


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